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You need a website that works!

Every business needs a web presence. Websites are the number one marketing tool in today's business environment. And be sure about this: although a business's website is just the beginning of a successful web presence, it's is also the foundation of the company's web presence. All electronic media will lead back to your website. Your website is how your customers, current and prospective, see your company.

If your business is important, think about that and read through the next few pages.

Design and Development

Of course you can build your own site; just like you can landscape your own property, cut your own hair and work on your own car. Look around, however, and you will clearly see the difference between the results of those who do their own "unprofessional" work and those who hire professionals to do the work which they were trained to do and have much more experience at it.


Design and Development

These days, building a new website takes considerable expertise and training. With the rapid pace of technology you need a professional website designer who understands the importance of building your website is to be found high in the search engines, interact with social networks, leverage services of other internet service providers such as: eBay® and Amazon® as well as other services to comply with your company's marketing strategies.


A fantastic deal for you

You have stumbled upon an experienced, expert quality, professional web designer who creates amazing websites at astonishingly discounted prices.

The advantage for you will become clear as we get to know each other and you experience the quality of my work and the reach of my expertise. After all, I want what you want: more customers than you can handle, customers who say "WOW", customers who ask you how you got such a great site and that smile on your face as you hold on to our 'secret' of how little it costs you.


Design and Development

I have developed and designed websites and web enabled programs for public and government organizations large and small, since 1994. I have and can create web sites ranging from single page sites (like this one) to those which include huge amounts of data and dynamically created pages based on information which is secure and evolving.

I was Executive Vice President of Application Services at a mid-sized internet start-up just prior to the 'bubble burst' and CEO of my own Internet Service Provider (eNetware) during the web's early years.

I am an expert in the latest browser and server technologies and incorporate those technologies into websites to present a user-friendly product which delivers the website owners desired result.

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Server-side Scripting

This is what Wikipedia® says...
"Server-side scripting is a technique used in website design which involves embedding scripts in an HTML source code which results in a user's (client's) request to the server website being handled by a script running server-side before the server responds to the client's request. The scripts can be written in any of a number of server-side scripting languages available. Server-side scripting differs from client-side scripting where embedded scripts, such as JavaScript, are run client-side in the web browser."

Why is this important?

Why use Server-side scripts?

Server-side scripts or programs allow you to collect information from your customers and to present personalized information to those customers. It is a great advantage to address your customer by name, or know their location, purchasing preferences, which websites they came from, and which pags on your site they veiw most often. These scripts also automate product presentation (catalogues, menus, lists of services, etc.), ordering (shopping carts), shipping, billing and payments.

I can program in most of the current languages such as PHp, JSP, and .Net. I am expert in and prefer .Net language. It is universally considered the most robust of all server-side languages.

...back. What other types of scripting is available?

Client-side Scripting

  1. Javascript
  2. AJAX
  3. jQuery

...generally refers to the class of computer programs on the web that are executed client-side, by the user's web browser, instead of server-side (on the web server). This type of computer programming is an important part of the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) concept, enabling web pages to be scripted; that is, to have different and changing content depending on user input, environmental conditions, or other variables.

...back. More about Client-side scripts.

Client-side Scripting

Most of how this site behaves (like the last paragragh disappearing) is created by client-side scripts.

Scripts on the client can prevent most users from submitting inaccurate data, facilitate shopping cart functions, and integrate server supplied data into web pages in a seamless manner.

It makes for a much more enjoyable and productive user experience (which keeps customers coming back).

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Social Networks.

Today's social networks can be your company's greatest marketing asset. Think word of mouth on steroids... lots of steroids. Imagine the old adage of one friend tells two friends who tells two friend and so on, except the twos are now hundreds or thousands. Each happy customer who recommends you can now be worth as much as a full page newspaper ad, or more.

Facebook® - For reach and familiarity. Twitter® - For instant promotions, and information disemination. Linkedin® - For business to business activities. Google+1® - A developing network of promotion by the number one visited website in the world!

Incorporating other networks into your website can be tricky and if they have an error, you have an error. Unless, you have a programmer who has the knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues.
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Data, data, data.

This is how you store all of your business's information. Whether it is stored in the cloud or in your head, how you protect and use this information can be crucial to the success of your business.

Most organizations have secure relational databases which contain all of their production information as well as their customer information and perhaps even their supply (logistical) information. Smaller companies may not have such a system, but should have one, and using their web presence is a great way to build that data.

I have worked with many organizations large and small; where extremely sensitive data must be collected, stored, manipulated, and secured. I can build a framework for your business data suitable for the size of your current repository, which is secure and scalable as your business grows. You can use that information and framework to better serve your customers and your business.

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Let's be real... Images, photos, icons, backgrounds, and logos cost money. And lots of it!

Larger budgets have the luxury of hiring professional photographers and graphic designers to create distinctive images, not only for their website, but for all of their corporate media.

Smaller budgets can still create a distinctive and professional website using images they have in stock along with some of the millions of images available in the public domain.

As a developer, I have extensive experience dealing with professional artists, but most importantly, I understand how to effectively save a company's valuable resourses and diligently search for the right images for the site under development.

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If you are not completely satisfied with the website I develop for you, pay me nothing!

How does this work?

How risk free works.

Once we have determined your requirements and desired product, and agree on a final price, I will build a limited functioning framework of your website for your approval. Once you are completely satisfied, we can agree on a payment plan. Until then, you pay only for the cost of your domain name, and the costs of creating or reformatting your corporate images, if necessary.

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